Good Parenting – Potty Training

Most parents (especially new ones) are anxious about potty training their child. Good parenting suggests that you know the facts before this time. Remember that potty training is a major milestone in your child’s development and that there is a wide variation between children in this aspect. The facts are as follows:-

o Potty training should start at about 20 months. It’s obvious when you think about it but you child should be able to walk to your bathroom, he must be able to pull his pants down and up and he must be able to pick up small objects

o Potty training is achieved by most children when they are between two and four. This does not mean that any child who isn’t potty trained after that is wrong. They are just the exception.

o If your child urinates a lot, say eight times a day or more then he is not ready for potty training. Your child needs to keep his diaper dry most of the time and not wet it more than about six times a day for potty training to work. Good parenting dictates that a simple chart of how many times your child urinates a day will be an effective tool.

o Even if your child doesn’t wet his diaper for most of the day he will still not be ready for potty training if he is prone to willful disobedience, inattentiveness or temper tantrums.

o Your child will be ready for potty training if he can tell you in whatever way that he needs to go. He could simply tell you, or tug at his clothing or whatever signal he has. Good parenting techniques will watch out for these signals and encourage them.

So, how do you start your child’s training?

o Good parenting techniques will let him practise pulling his pants on and off. Good parenting techniques will also be prepared by having a step stool, a potty seat insert or a potty chair available. When teaching him these you must also include proper hygiene and flushing the toilet

o A lot of parents don’t like this one. Please try and do it as it’s the most successful way of teaching children anything. Good parenting dictates that children learn best by copying their parents, so let him watch you use the toilet.

o When you teach your child anything, including how to use the potty, good parenting techniques are to provide simple systematic instructions.

o A good parenting technique is also to praise your child when he is successful.

o A good parenting technique is to tell your child to go to his potty about every hour. This will put bowel and bladder conditions into your child’s head.

o If your child is a boy, have him sit on the potty to urinate until he is well advanced in his potty training.

o Another good parenting technique is to separate your child’s potty training into daytime and nighttime sessions. Focus on the daytime first.

o Only let your child have training pants during the nighttime. Being uncomfortable in bed will motivate him to try and get to his potty in time.

o When your child is being potty trained, try and check him at regular intervals. Again, praise for having dry pants is a good motivator.

o Try rewarding your child for each successful use of the potty. Good parenting dictates that you should think this one through carefully though. You don’t want to reward him every time he uses the potty for the next few years.

Start potty training when you and your child are feeling well and try and stick close to your home during this initial time. When you do venture further out, make sure that you know where your local facilities are. By now your child will be using his potty most of the time and you certainly don’t want him to have to urinate in his nappy because there aren’t any local facilities available where you are.


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